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The online world is complicated, confusing and often chews up and spits out good tradies who have been suckered in to spending 1000’s on crap they just don’t need, that does absolutely NOTHING to get the phone ringing with high quality, local customers.

We have spent the last 5 years working with 100’s of tradies and developed a simple, low cost website and local online advertising system that generates you reliable results over time.

Best of all, we have condensed 5 years and $1m worth of tradie advertising lessons into a simple course that teaches you everything you need to know about using the internet to make the most profits in your trade business and how to avoid WASTING tens of thousands of dollars and years of your life.

100+ Happy Customers Australia Wide

1000's Of Local Phone Calls Generated For Our Customers

1000's Of Five Star Reviews Generated By Our Customers

Successful Solutions For Trades of All Services and Sizes

Who This is Perfect For:

The Local Marketing System is absolutely perfect and was developed specifically for two types of tradies and trades businesses.

New tradies who are eager and keen to get their businesses online presence up and running in the perfect, stress free way that leads to long term sustainable results.

It is also perfect for tradies and trade business owners that have been running for a few years, get some decent word of mouth work but haven’t really made the jump to go online just yet to get to that next level.

So Whats Included
In The Ultimate Package?

Ultra High Converting Website That ENSURES Local Customers Call You FIRST.

Hyper Locally Optimised Google My Business Listing and POWERFUL 5-Star Review Generation System To CRUSH Your Competitors

All Your Content and Local SEO Done For You So You Can Take Over Search Engines Without Having To Lift a Finger.

We Can Set Up Your Emails Through G-Suite, Give You Full Access To Your Website and World Class Support For Your Digital Life.

Advanced trade business online marketing features that help you keep your website, Facebook, and Google listing always up to date and producing results.

(Coming Soon) – The 360 Tradie Marketing Course That Will Teach You 5 Years and $1m Of Digital Marketing Wisdom.

Creating Stoked
Tradies for 5+ Years!

The EASIEST Process
You Will Ever Experience

1. We ask you for some simple things like your logo, a few photos (iPhone photos are more than OK) and a questionnaire that will help us really bring the best out of your business and help you absolutely stand out in a crowded market place.

2. We will organise all the annoying, techy stuff that never makes sense like domains and hosting so you can focus on running your business

3. We design and build your unique website with absolutely everything it needs to be a smashing success for years to come.

4. Using your information, we write SEO and customer friendly content for your website that is 100% personalised to you which you can change and review.

5. We will then optimise your Google My Business listing in our special way to absolutely crush it in your local area and generate local calls for years to come.

6. Once its all sorted, we will seamlessly take it live on the internet and Google for you without any hiccups.

7. We then give you complete clarity and guidance on exactly what to do, and how to generate 100’s of local 5 star reviews from customers and rise up the rankings. Our online course gives you the complete roadmap on where to go once it is all live.

8. Experience excellent support when you need it from our friendly and helpful support team and extensive support library all designed to empower you to reach your FULL potential.


Your local marketing system goes live and is fully optimised for Google and starts getting visibility right away.

You start generating more good reviews to your listing and website through our tried and tested, easy system.

Google loves your site and listing even more because of the reviews and phone calls its generating

You get more reviews, which makes Google love you even more, which get your more phone calls, and more reviews and more phone calls and more reviews and on goes the positive cycle.




A little bit
about us

At The Local Marketing System, we have realised just how much crap there is out there, and how many businesses, lives and families have suffered as a result of wasted money on poor marketing that leaves a hole in your pocket and delivers absolutely nothing.

Our mission is to empower the local tradie with ALL the tools and knowledge they need to successfully grow their business through the internet without them having to learn the hard way so they can enjoy more success for themselves and their families.

Our local team has been producing reliable results for local tradies for over 5 years and in that time we have been blessed to have worked with 100’s of excellent tradies that were driven to grow their brilliant businesses.

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